On Demand: The Philanthropic Vortex



Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Yesterday: Back in the day, hospital campaigns were the result of a hospital board decreeing that philanthropic funds were needed to provide capital for a new building. That decision often resulted in a hospital board member or foundation chairman agreeing to head the campaign and work with the hospital’s development officer or foundation director and his or her staff. Likely physicians were not involved. Subsequently, a group of community leaders began calling on identified businesses and people with means to seek contributions. And when a capital campaign for another organization in town began, the same process and usual suspects were involved there, too, often a quid pro quo response to fund raising. Today: Today’s campaigns drastically differ in their design. Campaigns are strategically crafted to involve physicians, grateful patients or family members who have affinity and volunteers who have given and are deeply affiliated and aligned with the campaign’s goals and objectives. Philanthropy is the focus not fund raising. So much so, that those involved become more and more engaged in deeply personal and motivational ways creating a Philanthropic Vortexÿ*. This webinar will be a story of vision, courage, determination, commitment and finally discovery through the creation of grateful patients and grateful physicians into grateful partners.Together they successfully turned an $80,000,000 philanthropy campaign into $91,000,000 and did so one year earlier than expected. * A whirl of philanthropic activity and energy creating deepening levels of engagement making it hard to escape

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