On Demand: Lets Get Engaged! Build Pipeline and Bring Donors

One definition for Engagement is “a formal agreement to get married.” Whoa, slow down, we just met! Is this what our donors hear when we attempt to “engage” them with our organizations? Probably, sometimes. So, what’s the trick? How do we better handle the cultivation process, especially for those donors who come to us through digital channels? The truth is, we have to treat it much more like dating, especially for the droves of first-time supporters who will form the donor base for our organizations, and whose top tier will become our next major gift investors. We must be intentional in building excitement with all who make that gift and help them feel the butterflies that resemble the early thrills of a new relationship. Join us as we show you how to court your new donors to a fulfilling early relationship with your organization, even if they’re not quite ready to be engaged!

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