7 Touches: Applying a Campaign Mindset to Donor Stewardship

A strong stewardship approach is key to any fundraising program. A campaign tests the strength of the resources your team has in place--staff, systems, and the overall culture of philanthropy, to name only a few.

Many donors are asked multiple times over the course of a campaign, especially a multi-year campaign. They might be asked for their annual gift, for an event sponsorship, for an initial campaign gift, for a stretch campaign gift, and potentially a planned gift commitment. This often means asking more than once in a given year.

There's a commonly held best practice that a donor or constituent must be touched at least seven times between asks. Many organizations are implementing this framework on the basis of a donor being asked and giving once each year, but the system isn't prepared to handle a scenario where you might need to touch your VIPs more frequently than that. Or at least, not yet!

In this session, get real life examples and suggestions on how to draw on relationships with clinical leaders to ensure that these touches are happening in a regular, compelling way, without devaluing the voice of your leader, or leading donors to assume that every time they get an email or call from you that they are being asked for another gift.

Approaches will focus on maintaining an internal cadence with buy in from team members, educating clinical staff on what constitutes a meaningful update for the donor, (it might be less than they think!) and elevating patient stories and voices derived from expanded grateful patient fundraising practices. Focus will be on activating resources in place to implement these practices and being scrappy and resourceful, elevating your team beyond the 'once-a-year' stewardship approach.

Sarah Sexton | Write, Editor, Principal | Sexton Strategy

5/1/2024 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Wednesday, 01 May 2024

5/1/2024 2:00 PM

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