Systemization 2.0 (Digital Version)
Systemization 2.0 (Digital Version)
Systemization & Regionalization of Health Care Philanthropy 2.0
Betsy Chapin Taylor, FAHP, President, Accordant Philanthropy

Systemization of philanthropy can leverage the scope and strength found across a health system. Beyond increasing total dollars raised and elevating return on investment, systemization can build capacity, extend resources, and accelerate performance. However, there is no single path to successful systemization of philanthropy. Instead, it is about achieving a thoughtful and responsive design of both strategy and structure that accounts for the unique attributes, culture, performance, opportunities, and aspirations of each system.
This publication aims to provide a guide to the current landscape, inherent challenges, and emerging issues to prepare leaders who are exploring the strategic value of systemization of philanthropy. It also considers a range of next curve opportunities to take a more expansive and more impactful view of systemization. Draw upon the direct experience of leading healthcare organizations that have navigated—and often continue to navigate—this journey to:

• Consider the challenges of reframing governance in light of structural changes
• Understand and embrace the uniqueness of various sites
• Overcome fears related to use of money and ownership
• Confront the transition from “us” and “them” to “we”

Ultimately, this volume aspires to provide you, as a healthcare leader, with meaningful content and considerations to sharpen your intentions and to smooth your strategic path toward successful systemization.


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