**OUT OF STOCK** Designs for Fund-Raising (Si Seymour)
**OUT OF STOCK** Designs for Fund-Raising (Si Seymour)
AHP has re-printed this classic reference by Harold J. (Si) Seymour, well known throughout the fundraising profession for his insightful understanding of human aspirations and the nature of leadership.

This book is a must read for everyone in the development profession as it delves into not only the practical issues of fundraising, but also the human elements necessary to produce successful campaigns.

Designed as a concise, practical reference, the book gives step-by-step directions for fundraisers before, during and after a campaign. Among the topics discussed are:

œpeople’s basic motivations
œcharacteristics of the giving process
œtypes of givers
œsolicitation, timing, and momentum
œthree key qualifications for raising substantial sums of money
œthe basic relationships between professional staff and supervisors
œ…and much more.
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