Systemization & Regionalization (Print Edition)
Systemization & Regionalization (Print Edition)
Healthcare philanthropy has become a key alternative revenue source to fuel organizational sustainability, to drive competitive advantage, to boost investment in a broad range of priorities and to strengthen fulfillment of the mission. The increasing importance of charitable revenue in fulfilling organizations' visions of potential has spurred efforts to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of fund development programs. With two-thirds of health care facilities in the United States now part of a health care system, many systems see a unique opportunity to elevate performance by leveraging their advantages of size, scope, talent, infrastructure, capabilities, knowledge, processes, buying power and more.

Regionalization and systemization of health care fund development activities can provide significant advantages; however, this is also a road riddled with potholes, wrong turns and dead ends. Therefore, this book draws upon the direct experience of leading health care organizations that have navigated-and often continue to navigate-this journey to:

* --Consider the business rationale for integration at the regional or system level
* -- Illuminate approaches, processes and infrastructure to enable success
* --Uncover issues and potential failure points to address intentionally
Ultimately, it is hoped this volume provides your health care organization with actionable insights to frame your ambition and to guide your successful efforts.

Authors: Betsy Chapin Taylor, FAHP, President, Accordant Philanthropy
Fred Najjar, Senior Vice President of Philanthropy, Dignity Health

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